Go Collection Framework

Let's discuss the Go collection framework.


Before learning about various data structures, let’s look at the Go collection framework that users can use without implementing them from scratch. The Go programming language includes the Go collection framework that implements high-quality, quick, and reusable data structures and algorithms.

Advantages of using the Go collection framework

  • Basic data structures and algorithms should not have to be implemented endlessly by programmers. As a result, it stops the wheel from being reinvented. Moreover, the programmer can focus more on the business logic.
  • The Go collection framework implementation is well-tested, high-quality, and high-performance code that results in improved program quality.
  • Development costs are minimized when the collections architecture implements simple data structures and algorithms.

Available collection types in Go

The following collection types are available as part of the Go collection framework:

  • Arrays
  • Slices
  • Maps
  • Custom collections (need to be created by the programmers, e.g. stack, queue, etc.)

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