Idea Generation

Idea generation helps us to solve several problems quickly. For that purpose, we have to go through several examples, build an appropriate data structure and think about similar issues that we have solved.


New problems arise every day, and it is nearly impossible to remember the solution for all of them. Even if we know the solution, we should opt for the optimal solution. The important question is: how do we solve an unseen problem?


The solution to this dilemma is to learn a lot. The more we practice, the more we’ll be able to answer any unknown issue that pops up in front of us. When we’ve solved enough problems, we’ll see a trend in the questions and be able to answer previously unknown problems with ease.


We’ll follow the strategy outlined below to solve unknown problems:

  • Make the job at hand as simple as possible.
  • Experiment with a few examples.
  • Choose an appropriate data structure.
  • Think about similar problems that you have already solved.

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