Developing Web Applications with PHP

Developing Web Applications with PHP


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Developing Web Applications with PHP
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Takeaway Skills

An understanding of communication between the client and PHP web applications using HTTP and REST APIs with JSON

The ability to structure PHP code files effectively

Knowledge of PHP application architecture, routing, MVC, SOLID principles and dependency injection containers

The ability to store state using different methods such as cache, user sessions and files

Knowledge of relational and NoSQL databases, SQL, database transactions and object-relational mappers

An understanding of advanced architecture patterns, including Domain-Driven Design data and service classes

Course Overview

This course is for people who have already learned the basics of PHP (or just finished the "Learn PHP from Scratch" course) and want the bigger picture of making big web applications with this language. First, you'll learn how all PHP web applications communicate with the world and how to turn multiple source code files into one application. Then you'll learn multiple approaches to structuring the whole application. It will help you write code that's easy to maintain. Also, this is a common topic for job i...Show More

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