Aborting Network Requests

In this lesson, we will run a chaos experiment to see what happens if we abort some network requests.

Networking issues are very common. They happen more often than many people think. We are about to explore what happens when we simulate or create those same issues ourselves.

So, what can we do?

We can do many different things, but, in our case, we’ll start with something relatively simple. We’ll see what happens if we intentionally abort some of the network requests. We’re going to terminate requests and see how our application behaves when that happens. We’re not going to abort all the requests, but only some. Terminating 50% of requests should do.

What happens if 50% of the requests coming to our applications are terminated? Is our application resilient enough to survive without negatively affecting users? As you can probably guess, we can check that through an experiment.

Inspecting the definition of network.yaml

Let’s take a look at yet another Chaos Toolkit definition.

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