Validating whether all the Pods are healthy and running is useful. But that does not necessarily mean that our application is accessible. Maybe the Pods are running, and everything is fantastic and peachy, but our customers cannot access our application.

Let’s see how we can validate whether we can send HTTP requests to our application and whether we can continue doing that after an instance of our app is destroyed. How would that definition look like?

Before we dive into application availability, we have a tiny problem that needs to be addressed. I couldn’t define the address of our application in YAML because your IP is almost certainly different than mine. And neither of us are using real domains because that would be too complicated to set up. That problem allows me to introduce you to yet another feature of Chaos Toolkit.

We are going to define a variable that can be injected into our definition.

Inspecting the definition of health-http.yaml

Let’s take a quick look at yet another YAML.

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