This lesson defines the goal of this chapter which is to figure out how to create reports that contain informative data regarding the shortcomings of the application.

We saw how we could rain destruction on many different levels.

We started small by destroying Pods. Then, we moved into destroying higher-level constructs and into measuring the health of our applications. We also messed with the network, nodes, and a few other things in between.

We’ll calm down for a while. We’ll stop the chaos, or at least, we will not create new types of destruction. Instead, we’ll focus on figuring out how to create informative reports that can be distributed throughout the company. Instead of creating more mayhem, we’ll figure out how we can create reports and provide data to other teams that will inform them about the shortcomings of their applications and their clusters.

In the next lesson, we will be provided with a gist that contains all the commands for this chapter.

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