Before We Begin

This lesson contains some last pointers for getting started with the course.

We'll cover the following

Things to keep in mind

The course is about to start unfolding. We are about to dive into chaos engineering. For now, please assume that anything can fail. That’s the most important thing you should remember. It should be engraved in your brain that whatever can fail is likely to fail. We are going to start small and expand over time. The first exercises might seem too basic. That’s intentional. I want you to start small and to grow over time.

I want you to communicate with your colleagues. That is probably the most important thing in chaos engineering. It is essential that the lessons learned and the lessons that you will apply in your own system are communicated with the rest of your company, with your teammates, with your colleagues. It is vital that you all collaborate in solving the issues you will find.

I highly encourage you to join the DevOps20 Slack workspace. We are there, and we’ll do our best to answer any questions and help with any issues that might arise.

Finally, there is a mailing list that you might want to subscribe to if you wish to receive notifications when we write new courses, books, and publicly accessible material.

In the next chapter, we will define the requirements of this course and install the necessary tools.

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