Challenge: Club Entry System

This challenge will test your skills in implementing function composition in JavaScript.

Problem statement #

A security guard at the club needs to ensure that only customers over or equal to the age of 18 enter the club.

Here customers is an array of objects such that each customer object has an age and name property.

The guard needs the names of the customers who can enter the club. He can make use of two functions:

  • filter

  • map

Both of these are given to you in the testing widget.

Your task is to write a funcCompose function, which will be a higher-order function that takes multiple functions and composes them. In this case, it should compose the two functions mentioned above.

Here is an example of what we want to achieve:

funcCompose(func1, func2)(input)

Test your implementation by calling the compose function in the test function and then return the final answer, the names of customers that can enter the club.

Input #

customers array passed into the test function

Output #

funcCompose called and the names of the customers that can enter the club returned

Sample input #

const customers = [
    { name: "Hermoine", age: 15 },
    { name: "Ron", age: 18 }, 
    { name: "Harry", age: 24 },

Sample output #

["Ron", "Harry"]

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