Challenge: Create an Amount

This challenge will test your skills of writing efficient code using functions in JavaScript.

Problem statement

Given an array of coins, write a function to compute the number of ways you can make that amount using those coins.

Note: There is an unlimited number of each coin type available.


  • an amount

  • an array, coins, containing different coins (in cents ¢¢)


  • The number of ways to get the amount using the coins available

Sample input

amount = 4
coins = [1,2,3]

Here’s the amount all the coin values are given in cents (¢¢).

Sample output


How did we get this answer? Let’s look at the different ways:

  • 11,11,11,11

  • 11,11,22

  • 11,33

  • 22,22

All of the above coin combinations sum to the amount given.

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