Challenge: Let's Make a Burger

This challenge will test your skills in implementing mixins in JavaScript.

Problem statement #

In this challenge, you are given four classes:

  • Vegetables

  • Meat

  • Sauces

  • Burger

Your task is to combine these classes so that the methods of all three classes Vegetables, Meat, and Sauces are available to a Burger object instance. You also need to ensure that if a new class is added, its methods should also be available to Burger class.

You have to do this by implementing the combineClasses function.

Note: Write your implementation so that the code will work for any number of classes added. As mentioned earlier, the methods of any new class should be available to Burger.

Input #

Several classes

Output #

Burger object having access to all the methods of different classes

Sample input #

class Vegetables {
    veggies() {
        return "Choose Veggies"
class Meat {
    meat() {
        return "Choose Meat"

class Burger(){}

var burger = new Burger()

Sample output #

"Choose Veggies"
"Choose Meat"

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