Challenge: Return the Cat

This is an advanced level challenge to test your skills in implementing array and object destructuring in JavaScript.

Problem statement #

You’re given a function returnNthCat, which takes a variable n and has an object state defined in it.

Carefully study the structuring of this object.

function returnNthCat(n){
const state = {
   cats : [
      {catId : 1 , name : "tom"},
      {catId : 2 , name : "tiggy"},
      {catId : 3 , name : "leo"},
      {catId : 4 , name : "nixie"}
   curpage : 3


Your task is to return the name value of the nth cat object.

This question tests your understanding of destructuring arrays/objects, so use this technique to solve the problem.

Input #

A value n

Output #

name value of the nth cat object

A sample input/output for the state object is given below.

Sample input #

n = 0

Sample output #


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