Navigating AI Transformation: Red Flags and Green Flags

Explore the factors in our AI adoption journey that involve recognizing potential pitfalls, red flags, and success indicators, green flags.

Moving forward into the wide frontier of AI products includes some common pitfalls in AI transformation, as well as markers for success. We will call them red flags and green flags, and they’re signals we can pick up on as we go through this process of getting our product ready for AI adoption. Some of these will be concrete actions or results, and some will be more emotional, but either way, we can use them as markers to know whether we’re on the right path or whether we’re hitting potential rough patches. In the following lesson, we’ll address a few red and green flags. Let’s get started.

Red flags

Red flags are behavioral patterns we can try and look out for that indicate there is an issue with a process we’re setting forth. Because AI adoption is such a revolutionary undertaking for any company to take on, it’s best to look out for some of these habitual patterns early so that we’re starting on the right foot:

Addressing confusion in AI adoption

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