Consistency and AIOps/MLOps

Understand MLOps and AIOps, which are essential processes that standardize and maintain trust, consistency, and customer confidence in AI/ML product development.

Reliance and trust

Maintaining trust, reliance, and consistency within our internal product teams, as well as with our customer base, is an act of committing to a specific ritual. Ritualizing the acquisition of clean data, tracking the flow through our infrastructure, tracking our model training, versions, and experiments, setting up a deployment schedule, and monitoring pipelines that get pushed to production are all part of the necessary work that needs to be done to make sure there’s a handle on the comings and goings of our AI/ML pipeline. This ritualizing is what’s referred to as MLOps or AIOps. In this lesson, we will explore the benefits of AIOps/MLOps and how they help us stay consistent.

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