The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Explore the pivotal role of AI in transforming industries, increasing demands for data roles, a surge of automated ML tools, and fostering curiosity for successful AI integration.

How AI is changing industries and jobs

It’s hard to overstate the gravity of what AI adoption will mean for all industries and all job roles, and the delineation between technical and non-technical roles will start to change as well. Right now, AI is mentioned in business articles for the most part as a rising trend or wave, but this wave is quickly turning into a tsunami. In order to stay competitive with their peers, all companies across all industries will find themselves scrambling toward the digital transformation of AI. As more and more companies do this and successfully advance towards accomplishing AI adoption, we will also be seeing more demand for data-centric roles simply because most products, internal operations, and client discussions will evolve along with the AI adoption strategies of companies.

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