Orienting AI toward Specific Areas

Learn about Gartner's Magic Quadrant and the insights we can get by observing players in each quadrant.

Domains in AI

When discussing domains, there are really two major domains we’ll want to invest significant time in establishing credibility. The first is in understanding AI concepts themselves, which we’ve already covered extensively throughout this course so far. The second is in understanding how AI is helping certain domains achieve success. Considering that the part of the course we’re in is focused on building an AI-native product, we will focus on how an AI PM can achieve this as they’re setting out to build a new AI product.

Gartner magic quadrant

Depending on the industry we’re in, we’re going to want to understand our space well enough that we have an understanding of who our direct and indirect competitors are. This might be more straightforward or not, depending on the space we’re working and competing in. Gartner has a great tool called the magic quadrant. The four areas of the quadrant are as follows:

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