The Promise of AI

Our future with AI

So, where is this era of AI implementation headed, and what does it mean for all industries? At this point, we’re looking at an industry of geopolitical influence, a technologically obvious decision that comes with a lot of responsibility, cost, and opportunity. As long as companies and product managers are aware of the risks, costs, and level of investment needed to properly care for an AI program, use it as a source of curiosity, and apply AI/ML to projects that create success early on and build from that knowledge, those that invest in AI will find themselves experiencing AI’s promise.

AI’s promise

This promise is rooted in quantifying prediction and optimization. For example, Highmark Inc. saved more than $260M in 2019 by using ML for fraud detection, GE helped its customers save over $1.6B with their predictive maintenance, and 35% of Amazon’s sales come from their recommendation engine.

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