Introduction to Commercializing AI Products

Reliable models

Now that we’re in the period of AI integration, we’re seeing many use cases of AI proliferating across industries. In our work managing AI products, we’ve certainly relied on AI consultants and PhD-level advisors to help us with modeling and orchestrating our data strategy to support a full-scale AI operation. However, as the rising tidal wave of AI continues to penetrate various companies and use cases, we’re seeing less of a reliance on breakthroughs achieved through advanced degrees. What’s most important now is familiarity with the use of even simple, reliable models. There’s a time and place for specialization.

Author’s experience: Data science and AI are massive umbrella terms, but based on my experiences as a product manager, I see a real need for data and AI generalists who can understand the use cases themselves and how they relate to a business perspective.

AI democratization

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