Managing Projects—IaaS

Learn about emerging IaaS trends for managing projects.

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If we’re looking to create an AI/ML system in our organization, we’ll have to think about it as its own ecosystem that we’ll need to constantly maintain. This is why we see MLOpsMLOps focuses on the lifecycle management of machine learning models. and AIOpsAIOps integrates artificial intelligence for IT operations efficiency. working in conjunction with DevOpsDevOps emphasizes collaboration and automation in software development and IT operations. teams. Increasingly so, we will start to see managed servicesManaged services involve outsourcing tasks to a third-party for efficient and proactive management. and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offers on-demand, scalable computing resources over the internet. offerings coming out more and more. There has been a shift in the industry toward companies such as Determined AI and Google’s AI platform pipeline tools to meet the needs of the market. At the heart of this need is the desire to ease some of the burdens from companies left scratching their heads as they begin to take on the mammoth task of getting started with an AI system.

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