Introduction to AI-Native Product

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What will we cover in this section?

In this part of the course, we will go over the essential components for creating a strategy for building an AI product. This strategy will allow companies a process that will help them succeed in building an AI native tool. Earlier, we briefly introduced the new product development stages, and in this section, we will build on that structure by focusing on the most important phases of introducing a new AI/ML native product: ideation, data management, research, development, and deployment. We will also address the main contributors to our AI/ML product team, as well as the tech stack that will empower them. AI native products begin and end with our data, and the roles we fill to support the team responsible for their creation will be critical to their success. When building an AI native tool, do our due diligence so that we aren’t being wasteful of our company’s finances and resources. A bad hire or incorrect tech investment can be costly in both time and resources.

This section is primarily for product managers (PMs), technologists, and entrepreneurs coming into the AI space who want to inherently build AI tools. In this section, we will cover the following sections:

  • “Stages of AI Product Development”

  • “AI/ML Product Dream Team”

  • “Investing in Tech Stack”

  • “Productizing AI-Powered Outputs”

  • “AI Customization”

  • “Selling AI: Product Management”

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