Pandas Brain Teasers

Pandas Brain Teasers


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AI Explanations
Pandas Brain Teasers
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Takeaway Skills

Have a deep dive into Python pandas concepts.

Test your knowledge about pandas with the help of riddles.

Learn the inside tricks of pandas with the help of puzzles.

Learn to use pandas in the pythonic style.

Learn the principles of Zen of python for pandas library instructions.

Learn how to avoid common mistakes in pandas.

Course Overview

Puzzles are a great way to practice your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This course assumes a basic understanding of pandas. The teasers and puzzles in this course are designed to help you practice what you already know and help avoid future mistakes.

Course Content


Before We Begin



Puzzle 1: Rectified
Relational Operators with Pandas SeriesPuzzle 2: In or Out?Access Elements of Pandas SeriesPuzzle 3: Month by MonthRead CSV Data into Pandas DataFramesPuzzle 4: Round and Round We GoThe round() Function with a Pandas SeriesPuzzle 5: Who's in Rick's Garage?The lower() Method with Pandas SeriesPuzzle 6: All FullThe all() Method with Pandas SeriesPuzzle 7: Div SumThe sum() Method with Pandas SeriesPuzzle 8: Once Upon a TimeCompare naive and tz-aware ValuesPuzzle 9: A Hefty BonusAdd the Values of a Pandas SeriesPuzzle 10: Free RangeRelational and Logical Operators with Pandas SeriesPuzzle 11: fillna()? Phil? Nah!fillna() with Pandas SeriesPuzzle 12: MultiplyingMultiplying Values of Pandas SeriesPuzzle 13: A 10% DiscountAccess and Modify DataFrames ValuesPuzzle 14: A Tale of One CityCall Functions on Pandas DataFrames ValuesPuzzle 15: Free-RangePrint the Length of DataFrames at a Specified LocationPuzzle 16: Y3KCreate a Pandas Timestamp ObjectPuzzle 17: Not My TypeConcatenate Values of Two DataFramesPuzzle 18: Off with Their NaNsLogical Operators with Pandas SeriesPuzzle 19: Holding Out for a HeroFind Values in a Pandas SeriesPuzzle 20: It's a Date!Create a Pandas Timestamp and date_range ObjectPuzzle 21: What's the Points?Export Pandas DataFrame to CSV FormatPuzzle 22: Quick, Find a Phone Booth!Merge the Values of Two DataFramesPuzzle 23: Chain of CommandsImplicit Line JoiningPuzzle 24: Late AdditionInsert Columns into a Pandas DataFramePuzzle 25: Hit and RunRead an SQLite File

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