Case Study---Agile in the Workplace

See real-world examples of how agile helps companies thrive.


Agile ways of working are increasingly popular, with more than half of all surveyed companies adopting it. Companies large and small are experiencing benefits after adopting Agile ways of working. In a survey from an article on “Half of Companies Applying Agile Methodologies & Practices.”, May 7, 2020. , 83% of the surveyed companies report improved flexibility, 68% report improved financial results, and 61% report that Agile creates a more open and productive culture.

The benefits of agile are numerous. It helps organizations be more adaptable and responsive to change. By breaking down work into smaller pieces and delivering them incrementally, it allows organizations to respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs. Ultimately, agile helps organizations deliver products and services faster and more efficiently.

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