About the application

Now we’re one step closer to diving into reactive patterns, but before we do, let’s explain in detail the app that we’re going to build throughout this book, which uses those patterns.

We’ll start by explaining the user stories of the application. Furthermore, we’ll showcase an overview of the application interfaces and architecture. Last, but not least, we’ll describe the components tree through a visual representation. By the end of this chapter, we’ll have all the required pieces in place to start implementing our application.

User stories

As a food junkie, I wanted the application to be a book of recipes, allowing users and home cooks to browse and share delicious food recipes. The main aim of the app is to provide inspiration for meals as well as help users do the following:

  • Share their recipes.
  • Save their favorites to easily find them.
  • Distinguish the top-rated recipes.
  • Filter out recipes according to some criteria.

The app is composed of five interfaces, each of which will be discussed in the following subsections, along with the landing page. Let’s tackle these interfaces one by one.

The landing page

This contains a list of available recipes sorted according to popularity, as shown below:

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