Anatomy of Observables and Error-Handling Patterns

Explore the anatomy of observables and error-handling patterns.

Introduction to error handling

Error handling is a crucial part of every application. Errors in programming happen all the time, and RxJS is no exception; implementing a process that only covers happy cases determines the failure of your application. We can’t overemphasize the importance of learning this. In RxJS there are a lot of error-handling strategies that you need to learn in order to handle errors efficiently.

We’ll start by explaining the contract of the observable in RxJS, which is crucial to understanding what comes after. Then we’ll learn the different error-handling patterns and the operators provided by RxJS for that purpose. Next, we’ll shed light on the different error-handling strategies and the use case of every strategy. Finally, we’ll practice one of the error-handling strategies in our recipe app.

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