Review the concepts of caching streams.

In this chapter, we explained the concepts of caching in web applications, including its benefits and use cases. We focused on a concrete example in our recipe app, detailed the requirement, and implemented it in a reactive way. We learned about the behavior of the shareReplay operator and the alternative implementation using the share operator in RxJS 7. We also learned how to implement a static cache and a cache with refresh capacity. Finally, we highlighted the most common use cases of caching.

The following are some of the key concepts discussed in this chapter:

  • We learned how to implement caching for HTTP requests in an Angular application using the RxJS shareReplay operator. This operator allows us to efficiently share and replay the most recent value of an observable, reducing unnecessary HTTP requests and enhancing performance. We also explored how to refresh the cached data at regular intervals and customize the behavior of the shareReplay operator using the ShareReplayConfig interface.

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