Introduction to Algorithms

Let's get a brief introduction of algorithms with the help of an easy example.

We'll cover the following

Except in very simple cases, you don’t create programs by writing source code directly. You’ll first need to think about the instructions you’ll want to convey. Take a concrete example from everyday life: I want to make a burrito. What are the steps that will enable me to achieve my goal?

 Get out the rice cooker
 Fill it with rice
 Fill it with water
 Cook the rice
 Chop the vegetables
 Stir-fry the vegetables
 Taste-test the vegetables
      If the veggies are good
          Remove them from the stove
      If the veggies aren't good
          Add more pepper and spices
      If the veggies aren't cooked enough
          Keep stir-frying the veggies
  Heat the tortilla
  Add rice to tortilla
  Add vegetables to tortilla
  Roll tortilla

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