Challenge: Compute Factorial of a Number

This lesson brings you a challenge to solve.

Problem statement

Write a function that returns the factorial (!) of any n number. The factorial n!n! of a number nn is defined as:

n!=n(n1)!,where0!=1and1!=1n! = n * (n – 1)! , where 0!=1 and 1!=1

For example: 5!=54321=1205! = 5*4*3*2*1= 120


A number of type uint64, n


A number of type uint64 (because the number increases drastically due to multiplication)

Results will be correct until only 21!. After that, the overflow-error will occur.

Remark: When using type int the calculation is only correct up until 12!. This is, of course, because an int can only contain integers that fit in 32 bits. And, Go doesn’t usually warn against this overflow-error!

Sample input


Sample output


Try to implement the function below. Feel free to view the solution, after giving some shots. Good Luck!

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