C++17 in Detail: A Deep Dive

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Course Overview

C++ started in 1979 as an experiment, before being officially launched in 1983. In 1998, its first ISO standard was released. What started as an experimental language has quickly turned into a platform for solving complex problems that drive many industries: gaming, finance, data centres, vehicles, and even software fo... See more

Course Contents

2. Removed or Fixed Language Features

3. Removed And Deprecated Library Features

4. Language Clarification

5. Templates

6. General Language Features

7. Standard Attributes

8. std::optional

9. std::variant

10. std::any

11. std::string_view

12. Searchers and String Matching

13. String Conversions

14. Filesystem

15. Parallel STL Algorithms

16. Other Changes in the Library

17. Refactoring with std::optional and std::variant

18. Enforcing Code Contracts With [[nodiscard]]

19. Replacing enable_if with if constexpr - Factory with Variable Arguments

20. How to Parallelise CSV Reader

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