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The C++17 Standard contains over 1600 pages, growing over 200 pages compared to C++14 [^note1]! Fortunately, the language specification was cleaned up in a few places, and some old or potentially harmful features could be cleared out.

This short chapter lists several language elements that were removed or fixed. See the Removed And Deprecated Library Features Chapter for a list of changes in the Standard Library.

[^note1]: For example the draft from July 2017 N4687 compared to C++14 draft N4140 In this section, you’ll learn:

  • What was removed from the language like the register keyword or operator++ for bool
  • What was fixed, notably the auto type deduction with brace initialisation.
  • Other improvements like for static_assert and range-based for loops.

The next lessons detail the elements removed by C++17.

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