Self-denial attacks

Learn about self-denial attacks with examples.

Example of self denial attack

A self-denial attack describes any situation in which the system, or the extended system that includes humans, conspires against itself.

Emails from marketing example

The classic example of a self-denial attack is the email from marketing to a select group of users that contains some privileged information or offer. Any special offer meant for a group of 10,000 users is guaranteed to attract millions. The community of networked bargain hunters can detect and share a reusable coupon code in milliseconds.

The Xbox preorder Example

One great instance of self-denial occurred when the Xbox 360 was just becoming available for preorder. It was clear that demand would far outstrip supply in the United States, so when a major electronics retailer sent out an email promoting preorders, it helpfully included the exact date and time that the preorder would open.

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