Ensuring Elixir Application Performance with Testing and ExUnit

Ensuring Elixir Application Performance with Testing and ExUnit


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AI Explanations
AI Explanations
Ensuring Elixir Application Performance with Testing and ExUnit
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Takeaway Skills

Learn about unit and integration testing

Learn about the testing of OTP

Understand the EXUnit

Understand the property-based testing and role of generators in it

Learn about the testing of ecto schemas and ecto queries

Course Overview

Testing is an essential part of the software development life cycle. A good automated testing suite streamlines feedback, allowing rapid creation and tight control over specific application components. This course is a comprehensive introduction to testing Elixir applications with ExUnit. You’ll start with a review of unit testing principles before diving into writing tests with the ExUnit. You’ll build a comprehensive suite of unit tests before moving on to more advanced testing, including integration, en...Show More

Course Content


Getting Started


Unit Tests


Integration and End-to-End Tests


Testing OTP


Testing Ecto Schemas


Testing Ecto Queries

6 Lessons


Testing Phoenix

12 Lessons


Property-Based Testing

16 Lessons

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