Full Reactive Stack: Spring Boot 2 & Spring WebFlux

Full Reactive Stack: Spring Boot 2 & Spring WebFlux


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AI Explanations
Full Reactive Stack: Spring Boot 2 & Spring WebFlux
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Takeaway Skills

Learn how to build a Reactive web application, both backend and frontend.

Analyze the pros and cons of Reactive (and asynchronous) patterns applied to the web.

Understand the basic concepts of Project Reactor and WebFlux: Fluxes, Monos, and Backpressure.

Implement a Reactive database access layer with Spring Data and MongoDB.

Write a reactive API at the controller level with Reactor's Fluxes.

Get the basics about Server-Sent Events and put them into practice.

Build a basic Angular frontend that consumes the reactive APIs.

Understand the EventSource API and how it can be linked to an RxJS Observable.

Learn how to run performance tests against blocking and non-blocking APIs under simulated slow network conditions.

Compare Blocking APIs and Reactive APIs in terms of performance, user experience, and ease of development.

Course Overview

This course is your guide to using Spring Boot 2 and Spring WebFlux to create Reactive Web Applications. You will learn how to build a full-reactive system from the database (MongoDB reactive) to the front-end (Angular), using a Reactive programming strategy leveraged by Spring WebFlux, with the simplicity offered by Spring Boot 2. Beyond that though, you will be able to compare the Spring WebFlux with the standard MVC approach as well, covering the main aspects such as simplicity, performance, user exp...Show More


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