Ionic Products and Services

Learn about the different products and services that make up the Ionic ecosystem.

Originally conceived in 2012 by Ben Sperry, Adam Bradley, and Max Lynch, the Ionic framework is one tool in an interconnected ecosystem consisting of several core products and services.

Each of these tools offers additional benefits and incentives to develop using the Ionic framework. At the very least, we must understand what they are designed to do, how they can help us as app developers, and how each one fits into and complements the broader ecosystem of products and services available to us.

Note: For this course, you do not need to install any of the following tools. Educative takes care of that for you!

Ionic Windows

Ionic Windows is a native Windows platform that uses modern Windows development SDKs to enable development teams to target Windows 10+ with access to native Windows APIs.

Ionic App flow

Ionic Appflow is an integrated mobile DevOps platform that allows developers to automate their workflow, from generating native iOS or Android binary builds and pushing live app updates to perform A/B tests and connecting with third-party app services.

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