Submitting Your Android App to the Google Play Store

Learn how to submit your Ionic Android apps to the Google Play Store.

In this lesson, we’ll take you through how to submit Android apps to the Google Play Store.

Remember: As stated in the last lesson, don’t submit any of the example projects included in this course. Feel free to use the code how you see fit, but make sure the apps you submit genuinely are your own to avoid legal complications and accusations of plagiarism or theft, if nothing else.

Before we can submit the Android app to the Google Play Store, you’ll need to ensure that you have completed the following steps:

  • Registered as a Google Play Developer.
  • Ensured that the app complies with the Material Design Guidelines and Core App Quality Guidelines.
  • Have tested your app thoroughly and fixed any bugs/issues in the process.

Unlike Apple Developer membership, the Google Play Developer program incurs a one-off fee of $25, making this option a very cost-effective purchase for developers on a limited budget.

Assuming that the above conditions are met, we’ll proceed with the following steps:

  • Create an app listing on the Google Play Store.
  • Submit the Android App to the Google Play Store.
  • Publish the app for App Store review.

Creating an app listing

Similar to creating an app listing on the Apple App Store, there are a few hurdles to clear when setting up your Google Play Store listing, but they are relatively straightforward and simple to accomplish.

The following screen captures and explanations will document this process visually and help guide you through each step.

Log into your Google Play developer account. Once logged in, the Google Play Developer dashboard will be displayed, listing any existing apps you may already have published:

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