Get a brief overview of the Jukebox application, an Ionic and Electron app that can play saved MP3 tracks.

What will we develop in this case study?

In our final case study, we’ll create an Electron desktop application, an MP3 player, which incorporates the following features and functionality:

  • Implements various aspects of the Web Audio API
  • Loading and playing MP3 tracks
  • Allow the user to shuffle the order in which tracks are displayed and played
  • Tracks can be played on a repeatable loop
  • Draggable playhead allows the user to “jump” to any position in a track currently being played
  • Volume output and stereo balance sliders
  • Previous and next track loading
  • Allow tracks to be played in reverse
  • Mute and un-mute the playback volume

As with prior case studies, we’ll use various Ionic/Angular features and draw from the Free Music Archive to access open-source MP3 tracks that we can freely use within the application.

The application

By the end of this case study, we should end up with a fully functional application that looks like the following:

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