Get a brief overview of the my-movies application that allows searching and filtering movie data using a web API.

What will we develop in this case study?

In the previous case study, we learned how to plug into a third-party API to retrieve and display remote data within our Ionic applications.

Let’s extend that further in our second case study where we’ll create a cross-platform Ionic application that runs across iOS, Android, and the Web. It will offer users the following functionality:

  • Search TheMovieDB API and display returned results
  • Allow search results to be saved collectively or individually
  • Allow users to select their favorite movies and save these
  • Filter search results by specific genres
  • Allow search results to be sorted in ascending or descending order
  • Display cast and crew details for a selected film

We’ll make use of RxJS Observables, the Capacitor storage plugin, custom Angular components and services, as well as Ionic UI components, and wrap all of this within a Tabs project interface.

The application

By the end of the case study, we should be greeted with the following application:

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