Lifecycle Events

Learn about Ionic and Angular lifecycle event hooks and incorporate them into the Ionic Navigation application.

Ionic lifecycle events

We can control what happens within our app before, during, and after pages have loaded with the following Ionic-specific navigation lifecycle events:

  • ionViewWillEnter: event runs when the requested page is about to enter and become active
  • ionViewDidEnter: event runs when the page has completed entering and is now the active page
  • ionViewWillLeave: event runs when the page is about to leave and no longer be the active page
  • ionViewDidLeave: event runs when the previously active page has completed leaving

Since Ionic 4 and the closer integration with the underlying Angular framework, it is recommended that the Angular lifecycle hooks are used instead where possible as, unfortunately, there are no like-for-like equivalents for each of the available Ionic/Angular lifecycle hooks.

Angular lifecycle hooks

These are as follows:

  • The ngAfterContentChecked hook is triggered after Angular checks the content that has been projected into the component or directive
  • The ngAfterContentInit hook is triggered after Angular projects content into a component view or the view that a directive is loaded into
  • The ngAfterViewChecked hook is triggered after Angular checks the component view/view into which a directive is loaded
  • The ngAfterViewInit hook is triggered after Angular initializes the component’s views and child views
  • The ngDoCheck hook detects and acts on changes that Angular can’t or won’t detect.
  • The ngOnChanges hook is triggered when Angular sets and resets data-bound input properties
  • The ngOnDestroy hook is triggered just before Angular destroys the component or directive and performs cleanup tasks such as detaching event handlers and unsubscribing Observables
  • The ngOnInit hook is triggered once after Angular first displays data-bound properties and sets directive or component input properties

Using lifecycle events

Let’s see how both the Ionic and Angular lifecycle event hooks can be used within the Ionic Navigation project we’ve been building so far.

In the ionic-navigation/src/app/pages/details-page/ file, we add the following logic for the lifecycle event hooks (added code is highlighted):

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