Exercise: Benchmarking Functions

Test your coding skills on benchmarking functions.


In this exercise, your challenge is to expand the colStats tool that was developed previously while benchmarking it to ensure it performs well.

Problem Statement

Improve the colStats tool by adding new statistical functions, benchmark them, and make changes to improve their performance.

Coding Challenge

Improve the colStats tool you developed in this Chapter, by adding two more statistical functions min and max, which return the lowest and the largest values in a given column.

Write tests for these functions. Think of the best way to do this. Remember that you’re using table-driven tests for the other operation functions.

Write benchmarks for the new functions min and max.

Start from the colStats implementation at the end of this Chapter. Implement a first version of these functions, test, and benchmark them. Try to rewrite the function with a different logic, test and benchmark it again, and see if it performs better or worse than the previous version.

Run the following commands for min/max function.

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