Exercise: Databases

Test your coding skills on persisting data in SQLite.


In this exercise, your challenge is to create a helper function to test a function that requires data from a database.

Problem statement

You can use helper functions to instantiate and populate a temporary database to assist with testing parts of your code that require data from a database.

Coding challenge

Create a helper function to set up a temporary database to assist with testing the function pomodoro.RangeSummary. We’ll provide the test function. You need to define the setup function to create and populate a database, ensuring all tests in the test function execute successfully. Your setup function should return an instance of a pomodoro.Repository type so tests can access the database, as well as a cleanup function to delete the database file at the end of the test execution.

Here’s the test function your setup function needs to support, which is already added in interval_test.go file:

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