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Growing community: Educative's January Look Back

Jan 17, 2022 - 10 min read
Erica Vartanian

This is part 2 of our 3-part January Look Back series, where we look back on some of the exciting developments at Educative in 2022. In this installment, we’ll discuss our growing community of learners and educators in 2022.

Our community is what we’re all about at Educative. That’s true whether it’s the developers with a steadfast commitment to learning new skills, or the educators who write courses or contribute to our many channels.

In 2022, we celebrated having over 1.6 million developers and engineering managers choose Educative to train on in-demand technologies, from programming basics to Machine Learning to System Design.

Today we want to highlight the ways in which our Educative community expanded to bring together even more developers committed to learning and teaching others new skills.

We’ll cover:

Lifelong learners on Educative.io

Our learners span the entire range of the software development career, from aspiring developers to engineering managers. Their specialties are just as diverse, from front-end development to quantum computing.

Our learners have learned a variety of different skill this year with us:

  • Their first programming language
  • Fundamentals such as data structures & algorithms
  • Machine Learning
  • System Design
  • Software design
  • Web development
  • The list goes on!

Interview prep is another huge focus of our learners. For both behavioral and technical interviews, even developers who aren’t actively seeking jobs are refreshing their interviewing skills for the moment they find a dev job they love. Our top interview prep courses this year prepared learners with the frameworks, foundations, and high-level problem-solving needed to solve technical interviews efficiently:

Check out the top 7 skills developers learned with us in 2022.

Senior Software Engineer Clifford Fajardo is one of our many career-driven software engineers who have learned with us. Currently working at LinkedIn, his passions include creating accessible web experiences.

“I prefer Educative courses because they have a nice mix of text and images. I find that with full video courses, it can often be too easy to go into passive learning mode.” – Clifford Fajardo, Senior Software Engineer

Based in bustling Berlin, Felipe Matheus de Souza Santos — Data Platform Engineer at Wayfair — also loves the portability of Educative courses, including the built-in code editor.

"I can practice with it everywhere, even from my phone, that’s something I have never had in other learning platforms.” – Felipe Matheus de Souza Santos, Software Engineer

With limited time in their days, we’re honored that millions of developers have chosen to spend their valuable learning time with Educative. With our interactive modules and projects, we strive to bring the hands-on learning experience devs need to master their craft.

Curious what it’s like to learn with Educative? Check out more Educative reviews from developers like you.

Leading teams for the future: EMHub & Educative Enterprise

Our community of lifelong learners expanded to include even more leadership professionals in 2022. This is largely thanks to the launch of two new offerings to benefit leaders and their teams at Educative.

First was EMHub, a free open learning platform where engineering leaders foster effective management and productive developer teams by sharing their management experiences and best practices, including:

  • Creating efficient onboarding experiences
  • Improving your team’s technical and soft skills
  • Optimizing team processes
  • Communicating effectively with leadership

EMHub supports both new and experienced engineering managers, bringing the best in management expertise in one place through blog posts, podcasts, and eBooks. Our contributors come from unique backgrounds, and hail from various companies such as Microsoft, Shopify, and GitHub. (Check out one of our top blog posts by Jossie Haynes, an engineering leader of 22+ years: Retaining women in tech: How to build an inclusive onboarding experience)

Are you an engineering manager? Make an impact beyond your team by sharing your experience: Become an EMHub contributor.

Our other launch was our dev-centric engineering enablement platform, Educative Enterprise. In 2022, we were thrilled to see hundreds of engineering leaders eagerly adopt Educative Enterprise to more quickly enable their teams to reach their full potential.

Educative Enterprise addresses the immediate and long-term needs of engineering teams and their managers. It includes Educative Onboarding, a customizable solution where managers can easily monitor and revamp their teams’ onboarding experience. To provide on-demand opportunities for team members to upskill, Enterprise also includes access to the full Educative library of 600+ courses and Skill Paths.

Interested in helping your team onboard and upskill effectively? Learn more about Educative Enterprise and schedule a live demo.

Knowledge sharing: Educative Answers

In 2022, we launched Educative Answers, a free web encyclopedia written for devs by devs. In 2022, over 2.8 million developers contributed and read Answers articles on everything from computing fundamentals to niche topics.

Answers’ developer contributors come from all over the world and have a variety of different interests and skill sets. You can learn about some of our contributors in our spotlight series:

Technical documentation is central to knowledge-sharing among the developer community—as such, technical writing is one of the most in-demand communication skills in tech. For that reason, developers across the worldwide have been joining Educative Technical Writing Workshops. Hosted by the Educative Answers team, workshop participants get the support and tools they need to strengthen their technical writing skills. We’ve been proud to partner with several nonprofits and influencer Adora Nwodo to do this in 2022, including:

Community is central to many of our Answers contributors, including Hope Olaidé Wilson, a Multimedia Creative and tech and data enthusiast currently living between the U.S. and Germany.

“I can’t emphasize enough the importance and value of community in any pursuit. In the early stages of my tech career, before I was accepted into ADA, I found support within communities such as Coding Black Females. They led me to Educative where I was encouraged to take on the challenge of technical writing. Participating, sharing, and connecting with mentors and peers is what inspires and keeps me motivated.” – Hope Olaidé Wilson, Answers community member & full-stack web developer

Take a moment to read about more of the amazing people in our Answers community:

In 2023, Educative Answers is excited to continue to grow the community offerings for the developer contributors who write our Answers and drive the 2.8 million Answers users. Join us for the first Educative Answers community meet-up in 2023, featuring three stellar Answers contributors:

  • Adora Nwodo – Adora is a Software Engineer currently building Mixed Reality on the Cloud using C#, TypeScript and C++. She is also the Author of the popular book “Cloud Engineering for Beginners”.
  • Frank Carrano – Frank M. Carrano is Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at the University of Rhode Island. He has taught computer science courses for over thirty years, and has authored several well-known textbooks.
  • Anjana Shankar – Anjana is a Lead Distributed Systems Developer, Network Security Cloud Infrastructure at Salesforce.

Join the Answers community for an online meet-up on January 25th, 8am PST: RSVP here!

Join the knowledge-sharing community: Ask questions or become a contributor on Educative Answers.

A passion for education: Authors & partnerships

We’re incredibly grateful for the community of industry professionals and educators who make our courses possible — and, of course, our in-house Content team of subject matter experts (SMEs) who ensure that we have the highest-quality interactive learning content.

In addition to our courses that are created in-house by our team of PhDs and technical SMEs, we also collaborate with various organizations and publishers, such as Pragmatic Programmers (PragProg). In 2022, our partnership turned 2 years old, and is continuing with strong momentum into 2023.

Wonder what it’s like to partner with us? Hear from PragProg’s CEO himself, Dave Rankin, in this reflective piece with updates from PragProg.

Our community of authors has continued to grow as well. While they come from various walks of life and specialties, they all share a passion for tech education. Among our new authors is Bassem Marji, an IT professional of 15+ years who, after deciding to author his first online course, published two with us in 2022.

“In my opinion, the cornerstone of Educative’s success as a platform is its interactivity. The opportunity for hands-on learning is a key component for attracting and retaining students in online courses.” — Bassem Marji, IT professional of 15+ years, author of PDF Management in Python and Analyzing and Transforming Faces in Python.

We’ll have more exciting soon on this front soon, so stay tuned!

Conversations with experts: Educative Webinars

Our community grew even more in 2022 with the launch of Educative Webinars, a platform that brings industry experts to discuss their unique experiences and what they mean for the state of development. Educative Webinars are hosted by Steven Yi, Educative’s VP of Growth & Marketing, and former software developer and Director of Product Management with Microsoft.

Catch up on some of our 2022 webinars with guest speakers and in-house experts from Educative:

Sign up to save a spot in an upcoming webinar:

Join us in 2023

There’s something for everyone at Educative. If you’re not already involved with our communities, we’d love to have you join us!

While our blog is a great place to start, you can learn new skills, write code, and get certifications of completion with the 600+ courses and Skill Paths covering a wide range of languages and specializations: Browse our courses.

If you’re an aspiring or current engineering manager, check out EMHub to learn best practices or become a contributor. (If you’re looking for an onboarding and upskilling solution for your whole team, learn more about Educative Enterprise.)

To join our knowledge-sharing community, you can ask questions or become a contributor on our free web encyclopedia, Educative Answers. If you’re passionate about technology and education, you can pass it on to others by becoming an Author with Educative.

And finally, be sure to save a spot in our upcoming webinars on January 24 and February 28

We’d love to stay in touch! Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Happy learning!

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