AWS S3 Analytics, Inventory, Athena, and S3 Select

Build your understanding of S3 by exploring Analytics, Inventory, Athena, and Select.

S3 analytics

S3 analytics analyzes the object access patterns in S3 buckets. We can then utilize these access patterns to decide which objects can be moved to S3 Standard or S3 Standard-IA and improve our existing lifecycle policies.

Note: Storage class analysis only provides recommendations for Standard to Standard-IA classes and not for Glacier and One Zone.

  • Once we enable S3 analytics, it takes about 24–48 hours for reports to come up.
  • We can filter analytics on objects by specifying tags, prefixes, or both.
  • There’s a minimal cost for S3 storage analytics (for small S3 buckets), which is US$0.10 per million monthly objects monitored.
  • The report is updated daily and can be configured to be stored as a comma-separated values (CSV) file in S3 buckets in the same or different accounts.

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