Other AWS Services: Part II

Explore the functionalities of ACM, Amplify, ElasticSearch, and Macie for enhanced security, search, and app development.

Amazon Certificate Manager

Amazon Certificate Manager (ACM) is a fully managed service that allows users to easily provision, manage, and deploy SSL/TLS certificates for their websites and applications.

Note: SSL/TLS certificates are used to secure websites by encrypting the data in transit, preventing unauthorized access by a third party to sensitive information such as credit card details and passwords.

Let’s take a closer look at two crucial features of ACM:

  • ACM allows users to set up automatic renewal of SSL/TLS certificates before expiration, ensuring that websites and applications remain secure without manual intervention.
  • ACM seamlessly integrates with other AWS services, such as ELB and CloudFront, making deploying certificates to these services simple.

To acquire a certificate through ACM, users need to request one for their domain name using AWS Management Console, CLI, or API. The service then automatically verifies domain ownership by sending a validation email to the domain owner’s email address. After successful verification, ACM issues the SSL/TLS certificate.

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