Passing the SOA-CO2 exam will involve recognizing some general issues and errors that can be encountered in the AWS Management Console and knowing how to resolve them.

Launch issues

These are some common issues that occur during an EC2 launch.

Instance limit exceeded

AWS has a limit of 32vCPUs per region per account. If we try to launch a new instance or start a stopped instance that increases the overall vCPUs in a region to above 32, we’ll face the instance limit exceeded exception.

To resolve this error, we can request a limit increase from AWS support or choose to launch new instances in another region. We can view the limits for our account on the “Limits” page of the EC2 console. To view the limits for running instances, filter the results by selecting “Running instances” next to the search input.

  • Reserved Instances have a default limit of 20 per region.
  • On-Demand Instances (Spot Instances are included) have a limit of 32vCPUs.

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