Course Introduction

Review the prerequisites and what to expect from this course.

The AWS SOA-CO2 exam has questions regarding certain operational processes and errors in AWS accounts, so a little experience in AWS Management Console will go a long way here.

Intended audience

This course is intended for:

  • AWS Administrators and Architects who want to learn more.
  • Anyone who wants to learn AWS and attain the knowledge to pass the SOA-CO2 exam.

Prerequisites for the course

We recommend having a basic understanding of AWS and its common services. However, for the most part, you can follow this course even as a beginner. We’ll cover brief definitions of all the topics and only elaborate on the important topics for the exam.

As mentioned before, the exam will test your experience in the AWS Management Console. There will also be lab questions where you’ll perform certain operations in the Console or CLI. So, it’s recommended that you have some experience in AWS before taking the exam.

The SOA-CO2 exam is also considered the toughest of the three Associate-level certifications, so you might want to try for this certification after attaining one or both of the other Associate certifications.

Most of the topics discussed in this course will have a practical section. We recommend running the practical sections using your AWS credentials to get hands-on experience. Please read through the code and outputs for the best learning experience.

Important note about practical sessions

Most of the practical sessions in this course are within the AWS free tier. If there’s a fee for any of them, this will be noted.

Even though the practical sessions are within the free tier, it’s critical that you destroy resources after reviewing the practical outputs. Not cleaning up resources will cost you money if you exceed the free tier limit. For example, AWS offers 750 hours (approximately one month) of t2.micro free tier. If you have ten t2.micro instances running, you might exhaust the free tier limit for the month in three days.

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