AWS S3 Replication and Event Notifications

Learn about S3 bucket replication and Event Notifications in detail.

S3 Replication

We can configure S3 buckets to replicate their data to other buckets in the same region (same-region replication, or SRR) or across regions (cross-region replication, or CRR). We can do this for many use cases, like compliance and low-latency access.

  • Notes about S3 Replication:

    • Versioning should be enabled in both source and destination buckets.
    • Buckets can be in two different accounts.
    • Replication of data is asynchronous.
    • The S3 service should have the correct IAM permissions to get data from the source and put data in the destination bucket.
  • Deletions:

    • We can enable configurations to duplicate delete markers from the source to the destination bucket.

    • Permanent deletion of object versions is not replicated.

    • When configuring a bucket for replication, the existing data is not replicated to the destination bucket. To replicate existing data (or objects that failed replication), we must use S3 Batch Replication.

  • **Replication isn’t transitive: This means that if bucket_1 is configured for replication to bucket_2, and bucket_2 is configured for replication to bucket_3, bucket_1 won’t be replicated in bucket_3.

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