Hands-On: Creating an IAM User

Learn to create an IAM user and how it enhances security. Learn about permissions on AWS.

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In the last lesson, we created the IAM group called “wordpressadmins.”

Now, let’s create an IAM user to use during this course.

Create an IAM user

We’ve already created a user group in the last lesson, so now it’s time to create a user that we can assign to this user group.

  1. Go to “Users” on the left sidebar to open the user management page.
  2. Click “Add users.”
  3. Enter a username. Let’s use “wordpress” for this course.
  4. Under “Select AWS credential type,” select both “Access key - Programmatic access” and “Password - AWS Management Console access.”
  5. We can choose either an autogenerated or a custom password, but we’ll use “Custom password” here to make the setup process more straightforward. You can enter any password you want to use here.
  6. Disable “User must create a new password at next sign-in.” Otherwise, we’ll need to change it again on the next login.

Note: If you’ll be an AWS admin at work, it’s probably best to use “Autogenerated password” and “User must create a new password at next sign-in” if you create accounts for others. This way, they can set their own password on the next login, and no one else has access to their account.

  1. Click the “Next: Permissions” button. It should be enabled after you filled out the information above.

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