Setting Up DNS Records

Now that we have an overview of our hosted zone, let’s create our first DNS record. To make our WordPress blog accessible via our custom domain, we need to create a new DNS record to point to our load balancer.

Note: By doing this, visitors of our blog can type the domain name ( in our example) into their browser and they will be redirected to our load balancer and able to see our blog.

What we need to do this successfully is an A record, so how do we create one?

Creating DNS records through the AWS Console

Let’s take a look at the AWS Console first to understand the process in general. To create an A record through the AWS Console, we need to open the list of records in our hosted zone and click the “Create record” button.

This will redirect us to the “Quick create record” dialog. We leave the record name blank because this refers to the domain itself (, and we switch to the Alias mode.

Now, we need to choose an endpoint. Here, we will choose “Alias to Application and Classic Load Balancer” for our load balancer, the us-east-2 region, and then the ID of our load balancer (it will have wordpress-lb in its name if multiple load balancers are listed). After we have selected it, we can click “Create records” to create the A record.

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