REST Client - Postman

Learn how to install and use the REST client, Postman.

We'll cover the following

We will be creating a REST Service. To test our service, we need a client tool to send HTTP requests to our REST API and view the response sent back by our service.

There are many REST client tools for testing REST APIs like Curl, which is a command line tool, and Postman, which is a GUI tool.

We will be using Postman which is widely used because of its simplicity and advance features.

Install Postman

To install Postman, visit the Download Postman page. You may be prompted to log in or create an account, but it is not a requirement as Postman is a free software.

The top part of the screen is for the HTTP request and the bottom part shows the HTTP response. Different request methods like GET, POST, PUT, etc., are available from the dropdown list. You can also view the headers, authorization items, and status codes.

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