Creating a Bing Web Search App

Learn to build a web search engine using the Azure Bing Search services.


In this lesson, we’re going to build our own web search engine using the Azure Bing Search service.


We’re not going to use the Azure Bing Search SDK for Python since the migration of Bing services from Cognitive services has caused some issues in the SDK (which are still open at the time of writing this course). Hence, we will be using the Bing Search API call to build the application. To work with this lesson, the following python package dependency is required:

  • requests

To learn how to install this dependency, refer to the Appendix section.


We’ll follow the steps mentioned below to build the web search engine:

  • First, we’ll write a Python script to get the web search results for a given search term using the Bing Search REST API calls.

  • Second, we’ll create a nice UI to render the search results which makes the application usable through UI. Like the course, it does not focus on UI development, all the HTML and CSS files are provided in the code block for your reference.

Now let’simplement the application.

The Python script to fetch the web search results

As discussed, we’ll call the Bing Search API to fetch the web search results.

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