Next Steps

Explore some of the advanced topics you could continue your learning with.

Where to go next?

After completing this course, you might have one question: “What should I do now?” or “What should I learn after this course?” Here is are some ideas.

Learn Azure machine learning (Azure ML)

Once you have a good understanding of all the services that we discussed in this course, you can take a step forward in your artificial intelligence and machine learning journey and get a thorough understanding of the Azure Machine Learning service. The Azure machine learning service allows you to train and deploy models, and build your own pipelines for MLOps. You can use the machine learning studio to build your models and deploy them easily using a drag and drop functionality. You can even execute Jupyter notebooks on Azure machine learning studio by increasing the computing power for your model training and testing. Overall, it provides a great set of tools and services to help machine learning engineers and data scientists build, train, test, and deploy complex machine learning models.

Learn Azure video indexer

Another Azure’s artificial intelligence-based service is its video indexer. The video indexer service helps you quickly generate meaningful insights from your videos. It’s a really useful service when you are dealing with video data. Internally, the video indexer itself uses the Azure Cognitive services (like Face, Translator, Computer Vision, and Speech) to generate the insights. You can refer more about it from Microsoft’s Video Indexer Documentation.

Learn Azure form recognizer

Another machine learning service offered by Azure is its form recognizer service. As the name suggests, this service helps to extract fields and the data from your forms and documents, extract the key-value pairs from the forms, and return a structured JSON output so that it can be used to derive insights. Another application could be to reduce the manual effort required to perform the data entry in the system for the forms submitted by the banks to get a loan. You can even train the custom model for your forms data to automate the document processing tasks in your organization. You can learn more about it in Microsoft’s Form Recognizer Documentation.

Learn Azure bot service

One of the hottest jobs right now is chatbot development. Building a full-fledged chatbot requires considerable effort and there are many concepts to learn within Microsoft Azure’s bot development ecosystem (in case you’re interested in using Azure for your next chatbot development). Azure provides a very easy-to-use, drag-and-drop feature to build and deploy the chatbot quickly named Bot Framework Composer. If there is a need to have full control over the chatbot development and need to have customized features in your bot, Azure provides the SDK support to develop the chatbot. You can learn more about it in Microsoft’s Bot Service Documentation.

These are the topics that we suggest you learn more about. These topics have a broad range of applications in many areas, and there are plenty of important concepts to learn within them. They will help you become a better machine learning engineer and data scientist. Try them out and let us know what you build using these techniques!

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