Creating a QnA Maker and Knowledge Base Using Web Portal

Learn to create a QnA maker and its knowledge base using the Azure portal.

In this lesson, we’re going to build a QnA maker service using the Azure portal. After that, we’ll create a knowledge base containing the Azure FAQs. This will let our QnA maker find answers to the questions related to Azure.


We’ll follow the steps mentioned below to work with the QnA maker:

  • Step 1: We’ll create and deploy a QnA maker service in Azure.
  • Step 2: We’ll create a knowledge base from the QnA maker portal.
  • Step 3: We’lll add the question-answer pairs and then train the QnA maker model.
  • Step 4: We’ll test the QnA maker model in the QnA maker portal itself.

Creating a QnA maker resource

Let’s start by creating a QnA maker resource.

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